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Soniq Theater - 2007 - "Life Seeker"


The German one-man band SONIQ THEATER has been around since the start of the millennium, releasing new albums at regular intervals. "Life Seeker" is the eighth recording by Alfred Mueller's project, and was released in February 2008. According to the liner notes this is a highly personal album, inspired by Mueller's life experiences. Soniq Theater has always been a project exploring symphonic prog music, and that trend does not change on this new release. Keyboards and synthesizers are the only instruments used, with the emulation of other instruments utilized when needed. As with the previous albums by Soniq Theater, the emulations are mixed in quality, some coming across as very lifelike, while others clearly as instrument imitations. This is a weakness on all releases by this project, and is most often overcome by the strength of the compositions. On “Lfe Seeker” Mueller has been very inspired, as the tunes here in most cases are highly enjoyable compositions. The style is, as on previous releases, symphonic progressive, and on several songs the influence from bands like ELP is noticeable. On this recording there's a distinct individual feel to the style and the atmospheres explored on many tracks as well, with several pieces that really have no strong influences noticeable as such. The only letdown here is Odd Times & Strange Days, where some really intriguing instrumental sections are mixed with vocal parts that sadly are on the weak side. With generally strong compositions this is an album that should be of interest to many fans of symphonic progressive, and those not bothered by the use of emulated instruments should have a very good chance of finding this release a worthwhile purchase.

OMB: April 2, 2008

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