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Sonisk Blodbad - 2013 - "Drown"

(14:44, Inner Robotic Records)


The Norwegian project SONISK BLODBAD has been a recording entity from 2012 and onwards. The core of this venture are the artists Ole Christensen, Haavard Tveito and Steven Cerio, with various guests and collaborators added on a more impromptu basis. "Drown" was released as a 7 inch vinyl single in 2013, and features the talents of the late Clive Jones. Sonisk Blodbad operates within a dark, ambient electronic context, as far as musical style goes. On the A side (track Drown) we're treated to one of their more vibrant, energetic creations, with eerie surging sounds over steady rhythms, and the heavy breathing sounds and voice of Clive Jones, uttering the words drown and breathe in between sounds and sighs that basically sounds like a man having an orgasm. It's a distinctly weird, freaked out and dark experience, rather fitting to a band whose name translates to Sonic Bloodbath. The brief intermission towards the end with a more sparse, Indian-sounding vocals and ethnic instrumental arrangement then gradually invaded by the almost alien-dark initial theme an intriguing development. The B side (Pulsating Vein) is more of a dark ambient electronic excursion, minimalistic and with subtle cosmic tendencies that gradually develop into an ambient noise-scape prior to fadeout. A fitting contrast to the main song, while also maintaining a dark overall mood that makes it a good companion piece just as much as a contrasting creation. Fans of the late Clive Jones may want to purchase this single anyhow of course, and if anyone is curious about that aspect of this production I'd say that his dramatic performance is well worth experiencing by his fans on this occasion, no matter the musical style that backs his dramatic, chilling and rather creepy contribution here. And if you enjoy dark, electronic music with ambient moods and dramatic, creepy effects then this vinyl single is one that is well worth giving a spin.

Olav M Bjornsen: March 16, 2015

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