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Space Mirrors - 2012 - "In Darkness They Whisper"

(48:30, Transubstans Records)


The multinational project SPACE MIRRORS was formed back in 2002, and has since then released four full length productions. "In Darkness They Whisper" is the most recent of these, a thematic production exploring the cosmic horrors of Lovecraft's Cthulhu universe lyrically, and also featuring a number of more or less well known musicians from around the globe as instrument contributors. The end result is a metal-tinged variety of space rock, pretty close to Hawkwind in some instances, complete with driving bass motifs, chugging guitars, with guitars and saxophone soloing in a rather familiar manner. Other efforts are closer to metal in style, with cosmic floating synths and effects supplementing the harder edged guitar riff patterns quite nicely. There are many appealing qualities to this album, but sadly quite a few details that lessen the overall impact. Mix and production leaves a lot to be desired, with a closed in sound that fails to bring the best out of the individual instruments. The spoken, dark toned and dramatic vocals sometimes appear odd and misplaced, and the compositions themselves have a tendency to be too repetitive. And the lyrics showcase just how difficult it is to explore the works of Lovcraft outside of a written word context. Still, if you love cosmic sounding rock and is a massive fan of Lovecraft's universe, Space Mirrors is a band that might appeal. But I fear that anyone not adhering to such a description will find this album a variable affair at best.

Olav M Bjornsen: November 21, 2012

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