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State Urge - 2013 - "White Rock Experience"

(48:29, Lynx Music)



1. Third Wave of Decadence 5:30
2. Preface 4:00
3. Time Rush 6:18
4. Long For You 5:00
5. Illusion 8:00
6. Tumbling Down 5:47
7. Gaze 5:46
8. All I Need 8:08


Marcin Bochenski - drums
Marcin Cieslik - vocals, guitars
Krystian Papiernik - bass
Michal Tarkowski - keyboardss

Prolusion. Polish band STATE URGE has been a feature in the Polish scene from sometime around 2009, and following some self-released EPs they were signed to Polish label Lynx Music. They released their debut album "White Rock Experience" through that label in 2013, and one more album would follow the following year. Since then the band has been quiet, at least as far as recording any music goes.

Analysis. This is one of those albums that many reviewers will recognize: The one that has been in the backlog way too long, overlooked on a number of occasions for some reason or another. For my case it would appear that I had forgotten to add it to my list of albums to review, so it has been quietly been in my stack of promo CDs for way too long. The band marketed this album as something special back in the day, as an album that stood in the middle of the traditional neo-progressive rock Poland has gained a reputation for and the more modern and contemporary prog artists such as fellow Polish band Riverside as well as bands such as Porcupine Tree. As far as marketing is concerned, my opinion is that this was a somewhat flawed description. They do venture out to explore some atmospheric laden territories, true enough, as the effective opening cut Third Wave of Decadence, where aspects of post-rock and neo-progressive rock have a melancholic and well developed meeting of sounds. The almost jigsaw-like Time Rush is also a fairly successful blend of multiple sounds, styles and approaches. None of them come across as all that innovative however, and I do not experience either of them as being in the middle ground of anything either. Otherwise State Urge alternates between atmospheric laden melodic rock and neo-progressive rock on one hand and a more vital sounding, classic heavy prog expression combining guitar riffs and organ in an effective manner. They are clearly a talented bunch too, although at this stage there are some obvious signs of this being a band still in development. They have a vocalist with a fine voice, but not developed to the extent of really taking charge of the songs that demands a dominant vocalist. They create some strong atmospheres, like on Illusion, but doesn't quite manage to instill them with the nerve and tension needed to maintain interest for elongated amounts of time. There is a lot of promising details to be found here, and some good songs as well, but the total experience is of a band still finding their way and still developing their talents as performers and song-smiths alike. A good band, but a few steps away from being excellent and some way off of being superb.

Conclusion. State Urge is a band that on this album alternates between atmospheric laden material not too far removed from the Porcupine Tree's of this world, elegant neo-progressive rock and classic heavy prog complete with gnarly guitar riffs and organ coating. In this case going from one to the other rather than combining aspects of these more often than not, and with a tendency to shift towards a more generic melodic rock expression at times too. A decent production as far as such creations go, and if you tend to enjoy bands of this specific nature this is an album that merits a check at some point.

Progmessor: February 27th, 2018
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