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Robert Svilpa & Paraesthesia - 2009 - "A Fine Line Between"

(78:55, 'Robert Svilpa')


US composer and multi-instrumentalist Robert SVILPA issued his first solo album back in 2005, and following three years of labor he has now issued his sophomore effort "A Fine Line Between". This time around it's a concept album, and with the aid of Russian artist Ed Unitsky the theme is given a stunning visual presentation in the booklet, while the musical part of this effort is strengthened by several guest musicians, most notably Nick D'Virgilio of Spock's Beard fame. The influence from acts like Rush is notable in the first half of the recording; the guitar riffs in particular will sound familiar to fans of that act. Melodic and often lush keyboards are added to the escapades though and while subtle early on, they dominate more and more in the second half of this effort, while the guitars' role in the proceedings becomes more and more subdued. The end result is an album containing much diversity, dominated by a gentle and melodic variety of art rock with rich keyboard, synth and organ textures. Good songs for the most part, but predictable and not what one might describe as challenging. A promising effort that will most likely appeal to an audience fond of melodic, relatively mellow art rock with a few select harder aspects as well as musical ties towards neo-progressive rock.

OMB: January 4, 2010

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