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T - 2010 - "Anti-Matter Poetry"

(65:06, Progrock Records)

TRACK LIST:                   

1.  The Wasted Land 9:37
2.  Scavengers and Hairdressers 10:21
3.  Phantom Pain Scars 14:14
4.  I Saved the World 8:00
5.  The Rearview Mirror Suite 14:41
6.  Anti-Matter Poetry 8:13


T  vocals; instruments

Prolusion. T (t actually) is the moniker used by German composer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Thielen when he is creating music on his own. He released his first solo album on the Swiss label Galileo Records back in 2002, which was followed up by a second production four years later. "Anti-Matter Poetry" is his third effort, and was released by Progrock Records in 2010.

Analysis. The ease of use and accessibility of modern technology has seen to it that a number of so-called one-man-bands have seen the light in the last couple of decades. Solo musicians not really interested in being a part of a band set-up and musicians with a need to harness creative ideas, not adhering to the principles of their current bands, are two examples of the typical entity of this sort. Where Thielen's solo venture fits in the overall picture I'm not sure of, but what can be said with a great deal of certainty is that he stands forth as a good example of what one can achieve when creating music on his own in this manner. In short: this sounds like a band effort and not as a solo project and a well-made and -planned one too. Musically we're dealing with a composer who possesses a keen sense for dark and brooding moods and atmospheres as well as the sad and melancholic. Somewhat introverted perhaps, as there's a strong feeling of a composer with a desire to bring forth his creations in his own manner here rather than one seeking to employ approaches adhering to one or more specified styles or genres, which results in a CD featuring an interesting diversity in terms of stylistic expressions and many works that need time and concentration and multiple listens to really sink in. Electronic rhythms and synth textures with an industrial tinge to them are approaches often utilized, and even some forays closing in on trip hop in their general characteristics. Dampened post-rock-inspired guitars add a subtle extra dimension at times, and so too do harder-edged guitar riffs not very far away from a progressive metal expression. Combined with space-tinged synth layers, all this results in a sound that on occasion isn't light years away from stable mates Jupiter Society, especially in parts where Thielen chooses to go for a vocal delivery similar to David Bowie. On the other hand, there are also lighter and less majestic passages aplenty, in particular on the second half of the disc, where the stylistic expression is more laid-back and not too far away from indie rock and semi or rather quasi-progressive bands, such as Radiohead. Diversity and variation are the name of the game here in other words, and a general summary of this album is that it is a fine example of modern art rock, utilizing a contemporary sonic and stylistic palette.

Conclusion. "Anti-Matter Poetry" may not be a creation that will inspire those in search of the new Yes or Genesis, but if you appreciate an artist using and maximizing modern stylistic details and taking cues from the current scene and applying them in an art rock setting, this latest effort from German one-man-band t should be right up your alley a fine and at times breathtaking album within this specific musical universe.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: December 17, 2010
The Rating Room

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