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Enid, The - 1979 - "Touch Me" (53.5 min, UK)


1. Humoresque
2. Cortege
3. Elegy (Touch Me)
4. Gallavant
5. Albion Fair, parts 1 & 2
6. Joined by the Heart
Tracks from 1 to 4 are also co-named as Charades.
(Songs' playing times are ranges from 5 to 15 minutes)
Mostly composed by Godfrey and Godfrey / Stewart.

Robert John Godfrey - keyboards
Stephen Stewart - guitars & bass
Francis Lickerish - guitars
Glen Tollet - bass
William Gilmour - keyboards & violins
Tony Freer - woodwinds & keyboards
Dave Storey - drums

The Enid is a big gem not only in the crown of progressive rock, but also in the crown of all contemporary music! One of the most complex and innovative bands with, perhaps, a familiar yet unique style.

A humoresque sound is typical for classic compositions with some help from modern instruments like a strong rhythm-section and the electric guitar, whose solos sometimes add a bit heavier notes to overall scheme. Lots of strings are effectively created by keyboardists (I think, there is also a symphonic orchestra, though that may not be so}. The level of complexity is identical to any true classical work.

The second track Cortege contains only the main melody played by oboe with an open medieval, even gothic touch. The most accessible yet the most beautiful composition in the album with grains of light sorrow. There is little real drumming and guitars.

Elegy (Touch Me) led mostly by classical piano, is the least symphonic piece here, but piano passages are odd and quirky. The rhythm-section is out.

On the fourth part of Charades Gallavant, symphonic polyphony is back with lots of violins and woodwinds. Just for a moment I can hear that brass section is pseudo, simply effectively made by synthesizers. From time to time the rhythm-section and the guitar are also back, but overall sonority is truly classical with lots of different themes and arrangements.

The first part of Albion Fair resembles mostly complex orchestrated psychedelic music with soundscapes, some effects, etc. It easily moves into part two with already familiar polyphonic classical structures. The modern instruments are back, but again they appear only occasionally, and the beauty of the classicsis is visible here as well as almost everywhere in the album. Both parts of Albion Fair run together over 14 minutes.

The last track Joined by the Heart is the only CD bonus single composition with 15-minute playing time. It is an absolutely classical piece without modern instruments, structurally very complex, which is typical for true Classical music.

Summary. I understand that my description of this album is simply a set of words. But it's very difficult to reproduce on paper a whole sea of feelings, given by true excellent classical music, even for an experienced prog-lover. This is the sort of music, which simply defies description in general! There's no place for personal ambitions, and I can frankly admit that The Enid's "Touch Me" is a very complex thing. But I also know that I will return to listening to this album again as years go by, because this is classics not only for the future (remebering Arena), but also for today. This is one of the highest stages and this is our (Prog-) heaven... So, avoid this work and the like, if you know that Neo is your heaven. content

VM. 17.10.1998


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