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The Fierce And The Dead - 2021 - "Live At The Hope And Anchor"

(12:54; Spencer Park Music)


This 12 minute long 3-track EP provides us with a glimpse of what it was like at TFTAD’s final show of 2020. Given that these guys love to play, and this was recorded at the beginning of March, it shows just what an impact the pandemic had on live performances in the UK. I have long been a fan of this merry quartet of noisemakers, as they prove time and again that there is room for instrumental progressive rock in the hands of guys who really know what they are doing. Drummer Stuart Marshall and bassist Kev Feazey are always locked in solidly, providing the foundation for guitarists Matt Stevens (who also provides some synth) and Steve Clayton to either be melodic, or frantic. If ever a band really understood the need for dynamics and contrast then it is this one, as they happily switch from one extreme to another, bringing in post rock, mathcore, space rock and classic rock into a melting pot of music where the universe is one of their own creating. There really is something here for everyone who enjoys guitars, as there is just so much going on. We even get the audience joining in on the chorus of “Palm Trees” (well, it’s not so much a chorus as an opportunity for everyone to shout “Palm Trees” at the top of their voices). These three tracks display just why TFATD are in such demand on the live circuit, at so many different festivals. When they lay the hammer down, such as within “Part 2”, it is like we are in the middle of a raging storm but then all of a suddenly the rain stops, the sun appears, and we are in a fresh new world. This is currently available on Bandcamp for the princely sum of just GBP 2, so if you have yet to discover the delights of TFATD then the time is now.

Progtector: December 2021

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