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The Vow (Germany) - 2002 - "Trojan"
(71 min, "Musea")

Track List:

1. Introduction 11:00
2. The Old & Wise Man 7:43
3. Close To the Sky 10:39
4. The Dragon Cave 9:25
5. Castle of the Thousands Doors 9:17
6. In the Maze 8:31
7. Under the Apple Tree 5:46
8. The Prince of the Darkness 8:20

All tracks: by The Vow.


Holger Goetz - vocals; keyboards; drum programming
Ralf Link -guitars & bass; bass programming

Preamble. Unfortunately, the latest promo package that I received from Musea Records doesn't contain the press kit. Nevertheless, I am almost sure that "Trojan" is the debut album of the German duo The Vow (see line-up above). I have never heard of them until now.

The Album. (Here's somewhat of a warning.) Wow - here goes The Vow - along with the Trojan horse! Well, well, well: We'll immediately meet it with cheers 'n' jeers. Bravo, bravissimo! "Trojan" is a complete concept album - both lyrically and musically. Which however, doesn't help in this case at all. Everything is just pseudo epical here. The lyrics represent a banal fantasy-like story that may be interesting only for children of a preschool age. Musically, the album is entirely about Neo Symphonic Art-Rock with elements of Prog-Metal, which is not only instantly accessible, but also quite tasteless. And all of this begins with the following rubbish narrated in just terrible English: "If you're a brave man, follow me!" Huh! (What are they driveling about?) The depth of this music will be knee-deep even for novices! Well, if you're exclusively into Neo, you'll probably be pleased with this album. Nevertheless, a highly incoherent narration will make you nervous more than once while listening to this "Trojan". In my honest opinion, any of the Neo wannabes is in some ways the Trojan horse for our beloved music. Yeah, it's like an elephant race in a china shop. And although I can't say that The Vow are habitually persisting wannabes, one half of the eight songs on their debut album is heavily influenced - by Marillion, IQ, and Pink Floyd (tracks 4 & 7, 5, & 1, respectively), and another is moderately influenced - mostly by IQ. And you should hear "Trojan" to know what an awful drum machine the guys at The Vow contrived to get (today - in Germany!) for using on this album.

Summary. And nevertheless, "Trojan" is much better than the latest album by the revived mummy of Rousseau, > "At the Cinema" - just for instance. And nevertheless, I don't recognize any vows that sound like "To be like Them!" And nevertheless, one may remind me that I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. But how would I otherwise know whether it's a Trojan horse, or not? And you, too: (Don't confuse it with U2!)

VM: January 14, 2003

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