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Tirill - 2013 - "Um Himinjodur"

(41:55, Sonicbond)


2013 saw the release of the most recent album from Tirill Mohn, and one can only hope that with the recent activity which has seen the reissue of her three albums that another is soon to be available. Her confidence grew with each release, and this is widely viewed as her finest work to date. Although she is always at the centre with her fragile vocals, here she has also brought in more singers and there is a wider use of Mellotron and strings to emphasise the acoustic guitar and the sheer beauty of what she is performing. This is music which captures the listener and entrances them, taking them into a world they never want to leave. In some ways there is some layering which is almost reminiscent of Enya, but this always feels very English as opposed to Celtic. There are times when this is more folky and acoustic than her other material, but also others where it is also far more progressive, and almost commercial. Her vocals and arrangements on songs such as “Fagrar Enn Sol” are sublime, with almost Carpenters style harmonies, yet with her voice always very much in control and at the centre. Although some of the lyrics are in Norwegian, this does feel as if it is an English album, and it is no surprise to realise the title translates to ‘About Heaven’ as the listener really does feel they have been given the opportunity to hear what that sounds like. It is a truly beautiful album, and even six years after its initial release there is a captivating beguiling beauty which cries out to be heard and enjoyed.

Progtector: April 2019

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