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Various Artists - 2008 - "Psychedelic Adventures on Planet Earth"

(77:13, Trip in Time Records)

TRACK LIST:                   

1.  Electric Mystical Soul Vibration - Bohemian Dropout 2:45
2.  The People - Real Love 5:30 
3.  Ginger - Now I See 3:13 
4.  Jenda Wight - Unstable Mind 3:05 
5.  Jarvis Jay - Your Gone 4:17 
6.  Fuzz Manta - Mysterious Thoughts 5:04 
7.  Mother & Sun - Lasting the Circle 5:30 
8.  Psychoine - Serpenteando 2:42 
9.  The Magnificent Brotherhood - My Flash on You 1:55 
10. Crystal Caravan - A New Time Is Coming 3:17 
11. Living Room - Times Like Lakes 2:40 
12. The Flying Eyes - Lay With Me 5:44 
13. Black Box Massacre - Djingis Kong 5:16 
14. Serpentina Satelite - Madripoor 3:37 
15. Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Celestial Dream 4:00 
16. Space Debris - Medicine Man 7:58 
17. Fantasyy Factoryy - Summer Days 6:04 
18. Zaphire Oktaloque - Green Grass & the Black Clouds 4:36 

Prolusion. "Psychedelic Adventures on Planet Earth" is the third volume in the TRIP IN TIME series on the eponymous German label with 18 tracks from 18 different artists from around the world encompassing many different styles over 77 minutes of music.

Analysis. The problem I have with the title of this compilation is that, while there are lots of great musicians featured on it, many of the artists do not meet the criterion suggested in its title i.e. the inclusion of heavy rock bands that are clearly not psychedelic. So I’ll restrict myself to those who do, or might, qualify to be included and hope that a place is found for the others on some other kind of compilation. First up, something obviously psychedelic, Electrical Mystical Soul Vibration from the UK whose Bohemian Dropout wears Syd Barrett very much on its sleeve. Next the garage/acid rock of The Magnificent Brotherhood of Man from Berlin (you see the difficulty I have already!). Sweden’s Crystal Caravan list MC5, Arthur Brown and The Who as their influences and like to make a noise, their high octane rock backed by powerful drumming proving a highlight. Living Room use what sounds like a Farfisa organ to create a very retro sound, sounding like an early Amon D??l perhaps with female singer. The Flying Eyes with their magnificent Jim Morrison sound alike and grungy guitar provide the rawest, moist bluesy and visceral 6 minutes of music on the compilation. I will include one heavy rock band, Black Box Massacre from Germany who show more imagination than most with their intriguingly entitled 5 minute instrumental Djingis Kong. Aqua Nebula Oscillator from Paris are well named and sound like a cross between Hawkwind and Arthur Brown, creating a very spaced out atmosphere as indeed do Space Debris, the only band personally known to me (I confess I am a big fan!) who are hard to beat for their authentic retro rock in the style of Focus in the case of the wonderful ballad Medicine Man. I also liked the overtly Hendrix vibe of Zaphire Oktaloque, their own Little Wing no less. Finally, I enjoyed being reminded of Atomic Rooster in the shape of Fantasyy Factoryy but was puzzled by the description of their Summer Days as guitar

Conclusion. A well produced booklet with information and pictures of artists enhances what is an interesting compilation. Some artists will appeal more than others and it was ever thus even on the early Island samplers! Alas, it is difficult for young bands to create much that is fresh and new now but it is nice to hear so many young, and not so young, bands trying so hard to be creative.

PJ=Philip Jackson: May 19, 2009
The Rating Room

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