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Progressive Years:
The Bests Of The Bests By The Eyes Of "ProgressoR"

1998: Top 20 Albums

1.Taylor's Universe"Experimental Health"
2.Pallas"Beat the Drum"
3.King Diamond"Voodoo"
5.Pain Of Salvation"One Hour By the Concrete Lake"
6.Candlemass"Dactylis Glomerata"
8.Deep Purple"Abandon"
9.Hammill, Peter"This"
10.Monkman, Francis"21st Century Blues"
11.Porcupine Tree"Stupid Dream"
12.The Morrigan"Masque"
13.Cairo"Conflict And Dreams"
14.Rongey, Kurt"That Was Propaganda"
15.Musica D'Repuesto"Av Abuc"
16.Perfume De Mujer"Pollos d'Granja"
18.Elegant Simlicity"Purity And Despair"
19.Uriah Heep"Sonic Origami"
20.Eloy"Ocean 2: The Answer"