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Trust Us - 2022 - "Non-Zero-Sum Game"

(26:15; Apollon Records)


Track list:

1. Pharaoh 4:19
2. Marathon 5:17
3. Focus 5:39
4. Silverwave 7:14
5. Non-Zero-Sum-Game 3:45


Cato Olaisen - drums
Baard Kristinson - bass
Rene Misje - vocals, guitars
Kjartan Gronhaug - guitars

Prolusion. Norwegian band Trust Us is a fairly new formation, operating from their home turf of Bergen since 2020 or thereabouts. The mini-album "Non-Zero-Sum Game" is their first official release, and this mini-album was released through Norwegian label Apollon Records in the spring of 2022.

Analysis. Trust Us is a band that takes a different route into the progressive rock universe, and they aren't among the bands that a majority will find to be a purebred progressive rock band either. If they should be sorted under rock or metal is another question as well, the answer to which I guess will differ depending on your age. They do have a dimension to them that makes them interesting also from a progressive rock perspective though, and the key word here is post-rock. All of the songs on this mini album really have their foundation somewhere else though, and that is in stoner rock and doom metal. The majority of the songs have more of an energetic, pacefilled stoner rock drive to them, but almost as often they will drop down the tempo a notch or two and opt to dabble in classic era doom metal instead, occasionally adding some psychedelic elements to this latter orientation. In both instances the vocals have been mixed down a bit to give a bit of a distanced feeling to them, and from my personal experience at least that isn't all that uncommon for these types of music. What makes the band more interesting from a progressive rock perspective is the inclusion of post-rock and post-metal details. This is primarily done by way of more delicate and frail interludes midways in the songs, and then often a part of a soundscape that has a bit more of an ambient feel to them. We also get some subtle post-rock style overlays here and there, and on a couple of occasions we also get some blistering, energetic post-metal to enjoy here. On one occasion with a bit of a noise filter added for added intensity. This is a solid and well made album through and through, and the band showcase a good ability for songwriting in general and use the different stylistic elements to good effect throughout. It is an album that possibly suffers a bit from being neither fish nor fowl, and in this context possibly as a limiting factor for the potential size of an interested audience.

Conclusion. This debut mini-album by Trust Us is one that is dominated by stoner rock and doom metal as far as play time is concerned, and will probably appeal more to those with an interest in those style orientations too due to that. But those who feel that these types of music might blend well with post-rock, post-metal and a slight bit of psychedelia should also take note of this album. As there aren't too many other bands out there exploring this particular blend of styles, those who do enjoy all of these styles and orientations individually should also find this to be quite an interesting production to investigate.

Progmessor: April 2022
The Rating Room

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