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Various Artists - 2010 - "Eddie Cochran Instrumentals"

(12:52 EP, Fruits de Mer Records)


Eddie Cochran was a talented musician who passed away all too soon back in 1960, long before anyone had even started thinking about progressive music and probably psychedelic music at that. But if you think you know Eddie Cochran, think again, as vinyl specialists Fruits de Mer Records have employed three artists to give his songs a coating of of a sort you would never associate with this rock and roll pioneer. This vinyl single opens with Head South by Weaving's cover of Rain, a gentle dream-laden instrumental affair with a mood and atmosphere that fits its title perfectly, where gentle guitars are the main providers of the circulating foundation as well as careful soloing catering for the laidback psychedelic tinges. The final part of this six-minute affair does add in distorted guitar soloing of a rougher nature, taking you out of dreamland and back to the real world again. Vibravoid is next up, and the bandís take on Shotgun Wedding Theme is one that needs to be heard, even if you think you hate everything Cochran. Space-tinged synths and keys and dark, distorted droning guitars provide a majestic foundation for the circulating sitar solo that dominates this creation, and the record label points out that there's probably a Theremin involved on this one too. Baking Research Station accounts for Cochran's Jam Sand-Witch, and opts for another approach entirely. Calm, laid-back drums, bass and piano make up the firmaments of this affair, with dampened and almost ethereal space-tinged sounds suddenly bursting forth in majestic, space-laden sonic explosions of a most melodic variety, then reverting back to the dampened expression again, repeating this pattern until the end with a careful guitar solo added to the gentler parts of the song towards the finale. A stunning EP, where the final two tracks should be on any psychedelic and space rock fan's list of songs you need to listen to before you die.

Olav M Bjornsen: April 1, 2011

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