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Venus Loon - 2022 - "Havoc"

(34:37; Aumega Project)


Released in September 2022, Peter continues the progression I had heard between the previous two albums, but here it is somewhat more dramatic as he is no longer working on his own, but is joined by Wolfgang Ostermann who provides drums and percussion. This latter is often by drummers as they play cymbals, but here we have a true percussionist who is not only using different instruments but refuses to stick to any particular style so is all over the place, even taking on the lead role where Peter drifts back at times. The coming together of these two is quite dramatic, as it allows Peter to work in a very different style, and right from opening track “The Balance of Insanity” (where we learn from a newscaster that the UK is at imminent threat of nuclear attack) one gets the feeling this is a very different release. “Hats Off To Havoc” starts with guitars in pain, before Peter and Wolfgang start coming back in together, heavier and harder yet the production is also set to allow different moods and feelings to come through. We get mandolin on “For Lord Flame”, with Peter pushing the sounds and expectations in multiple places at once, and when a riffing distorted guitar leads into layered instruments and Wolfgang providing more of a basic rock shuffle one should not really be surprised. It has been interesting to hear the three albums one after the other as there has been a definite progression over time, and if this is what he is doing now, one can only wonder what the next album will bring, which given Peter’s workload is probably due out some time soon.

Progtector: March 2023

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