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WD-41+2 - 2010 - "Temi per Cinema"

(55:58, 'WD-41')


1.  U-5 7:13
2.  BB-2 5:07
3.  Q-1 7:35
4.  W-1A 3:21
5.  W-5 7:28
6.  W-1B 2:18
7.  T-6 4:55
8.  AA-5 5:40
9.  Q-2 7:18
10. AA-4 5:03


Willie Oteri – guitar; loops
Dave Laczko – trumpet 
Scott Amendola – drums 
Dino Deane – lap steel dulcimer

Prolusion. The US project WD-41 appears to be the creation of guitarist Willie Oteri, and consists of the man himself and trumpetist Dave Laczko. This creative duo made their debut in 2009 with the album "WD-41". One year later "Temi per Cinema" was issued: 10 improvisations featuring contributions from guest musicians Dino Deane and Scott Amendola. Hence the band name is stated as WD-41+2 on this occasion.

Analysis. According to the not always reliable internet tool Google translation, "Temi per Cinema" means themes for films. A slightly misleading title perhaps, as I can't really imagine encountering this music in any past or future Hollywood blockbuster, but a variety that does indicate a common denominator for this disc as a whole, music that to some extent can be described as cinematic. And to venture further down oxymoronic straits, I'd think that a description like avant-garde new age might fit a few of these excursions quite nicely. What we're dealing with is a band that is all about live improvisations. If I understand correctly, it is the duo of Oteri and Laczko that caters for that bit, while the parts by Deane and Amendola have been added later. At least that is what the credits indicate. Anyhow, the guitars and trumpet form the melodic details on these endeavors, and do so in a manner that often merits the description free form, opting for subtly atonal and disharmonic territories rather than ones harmonic and complementary. The brass hovers above and beneath with mournful cries and fluctuations; the guitar wandering, exploring singular notes and patterns or freely soloing. Loops and effects, at times also the guitar, add motifs that often border upon droning or swirling constant sound layers. Occasionally smooth, floating keyboards will be added in, while a more regular feature are textures of a light-toned, subtly psychedelic nature, the latter provided by either guitar or the lap steel courtesy of Deane, or both perhaps. It was taxing to separate all the sounds from the rather complex musical tapestry crafted here. A few energetic, drum-driven free-form jazz escapades aside, these improvisations are all of a slow-paced nature. The droning and subtly psychedelic motif applied does create something of a cinematic presence, too challenging in nature to actually having been lifted from your typical feature film, but with a sound and atmosphere that may make you wish that they had been used for such a purpose. I wouldn't be at all surprised if I later came to learn that these creations are part of a live multimedia setup, or that this project was aiming towards such a goal in the future, or that an art exhibition using these pieces is in the planning stages. As far as a general style goes, I guess this music might best be described as jazz, an experimental and challenging variety of it, of the kind where the word avant-garde would appear to be a logical further description. Personally I wasn't all that taken with these pieces. It's not a type of music I easily enjoy, catering to my personal tastes in this department as a taxing exercise. I did find quite a few of these musical journeys to be interesting, some very much so as well, but by and large this is music that resides quite a bit outside of my personal comfort zone. Others with a stronger interest in music of this type should have plenty to look forward to here however.

Conclusion. If you like jazz, enjoy instrumental music and adore improvisational and free-form varieties in this style, "Temi per Cinema" is an album you will want to investigate. It’s challenging, innovative and experimental, but with an emphasis on moods and atmospheres that should make it easier to like and more accessible than many other productions of a similar sort.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: September 13, 2011
The Rating Room

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