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Yordan Orchestra - 2010 - "Psych Introduxeon"

(29:56, Megatier Prods)


YORDAN ORCHESTRA, from the Netherlands, is basically a duo consisting of Anne von Freyburg and Jack Aleister, with various musical friends to a greater or lesser degree lending a helping hand and instrument for recording purposes. The EP "Psych Introduxeon" is their first commercially available effort, and was issued by the UK-based label Megatier Productions in 2009. The six compositions provided, seven if you include the hidden track at the end, are all creations that in varying degrees blend mainstream pop music with classical and psychedelic motifs. From the calm, straightforward, gentle guitar-driven verse parts and the following symphonic-and-psychedelic blend chorus passages of opening track Kapt'n El HanslG, to the experimental, atmosphere-laden classical cinematic score of T-Borne Egg officially ending this production. Thoughts of late 60's David Bowie often spring to mind, but with a youthful, dramatic vocal delivery that may have a closer relation to early post-punk mainstream-oriented music. Sophisticated mainstream pop/rock flirting with art rock and experimental music is the end result, pleasant and at times rather interesting. If pop art is a description you feel right at home with, this EP is one that should be noted, and while not a brilliant example of the stylistic expression it is well made and performed by a young, talented band that should be interesting to follow.

Olav M Bjornsen: March 17, 2011

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