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Yurt - 2016 - "III - Molluskkepokk"

(58:00, Yurt)



1. A Lesion in the Chrysalis 03:43
2. Parasitic Cabal 12:18
3. Sjambok 05:05
4. Ruptured by the Shrapnel 16:22
5. Unknown Component 09:09
6. Testament Zero 11:23


Andrew Bushe - percussion
Steven Anderson - guitar, vocals, electronics
Boz Mugabe  - bass, vocals, electronics

Prolusion. Irish band YURT was formed back in 2006, and have been recording artists since 2009. Three albums have seen the light from the band since it's inception, and a fourth is actually being finalized for launch these days as well. "III - Mollukkepokk" is their third studio album, and was self-released by the band in 2016.

Analysis. As far as progressive rock is concerned, Yurt is among the bands that have placed themselves in the outer spheres of that universe, at least to some extent. While they do employ the changes in pace, intensity and arrangements one might expect, the core aspects of their sound is just as much related to stoner rock and metal as it is to purebred progressive rock, if not even more. In some ways they strike me as perhaps a simpler version of Hawkwind, given a run through a metal filter. The guitar is the central element in the music here, as provider of wandering riffs, staccato riff cascades, twisted guitar effects and more. Even soloing from time to time, although the band tones down that aspect quite a lot. From pumping escapades with bass support Hawkwind style to more advanced distorted guitar effects with something of a post metal vibe to it, the guitar is the dominating, driving force throughout. With at times strong support by the bass admittedly, and those fond of bass and guitar driven, guitar dominated hard rather than metal based escapades will find a lot to enjoy here. Keyboards and effects are used to add a cosmic sheen to most of the songs here. At times as providers of a vintage era, Eloy-tinged backdrop, but most often we are in deep cosmic territories, with what sounds like a theremin given a most visible placement in the arrangements for those mysterious sounding electronic surges and bleeps. Vocals are present, and I understand this is a concept album too, and for me this aspect of the production will perhaps be the most divisive. In essence, my impression is that they have taken Hawkwind's classic talk like, theatrical approach to singing and decided to use a shout-like mode of delivery instead of a talk-like. Louder, and less melodic. More anthemic too, to some extent. But how you listen to the vocals on an album will decide just how much this particular vocal style will sit with you.

Conclusion. "III - Molluskkepokk" comes across for me at least as a more metal-oriented variety of Hawkwind style music, a tad simpler in approach and execution and with an obviously harder drive and edge. To my mind a band that sounds best when they are closer rather than further away from Hawkwind-sounding territories, and where the vocals for me becomes a slightly detrimental element. Hawkwind fans with a taste for metal and metal fans with a taste for Hawkwind appears to me to be the prime candidates to check this one out.

Progmessor: April 29td, 2018
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