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Zombie Picnic - 2018 - "Rise of a New Ideology"

(37:12, Zombie Picnic)



1. Democracy Cannot Survive 9:00
2. They See Science as Dangerous 9:09
3. DEFCON 5:01
4. Life-Support Systems 4:50
5. See Beyond 5:53
6. Anger in Storage (Denial Will Follow) 3:19


James Griffin - guitars
Dave Tobin - guitars
Brendan Miller - drums
Brian Fitzgerald - bass
Rob O'Dwyer - voice
Evelyn Cosgrave - voice

Prolusion. Irish band ZOMBIE PICNIC was formed in 2012, and is a self-described prog/post rock band from Limerick. They released their debut album "A Suburb of Earth" through Golden Shred Records back in 2016. "Rise of a New Ideology" is their second album, and is scheduled to be released in March 2018, this time issued by the band.

Analysis. While the first album of this band was one I felt was more of a post-something album, their second production is one that for me ties in much closer to psychedelic progressive rock. Not that the music is missing the shimmering instrument details and textured instrument sounds that is so much a feature in post-rock in general, but because to me they feel like a secondary aspect of the music this time around. That being said, this isn't an album that will appeal to those that associate the words psychedelic rock with the vintage sounds of the 60's and 70's either, a few exceptions aside. Opening cut Democracy Cannot Survive is one of those exceptions, that incorporates some of the searching, steadily developing arrangements one would find in many space rock bands. This one a more delicate affair, featuring quite a few guitar details here and there that fans of later day Pink Floyd may well recognize. The second exception is called Life-Support Systems, a creation book-ended by an arrangement clearly founded on vintage era psychedelic progressive rock, with a more expressive middle section that incorporates more of a contemporary, loose approach. Elsewhere we are treated to harder, tighter runs revolving around a psychedelic progressive rock general foundation, flavored with delicate shimmering guitar overlays, flowing guitar solo runs and indeed the instrument textures so prominent in post-rock, clever use of twisted, aggressive bass and guitar sounds on DEFCON, while See Beyond alternate loose and drifting sections with staccato, tight and hard passages that arguably have more of a math rock feel to them. The concluding cut Anger in Storage (Denial Will Follow) presents us with a new aspect of this band's sound as well, where hard, twisted guitar sounds bookends this short and concise creation with more of a metal-oriented guise.

Conclusion. Instrumental progressive rock is the name of the game here, featuring elements from a multiple set of styles ranging from classic era psychedelic rock all the way up to post-rock and even metal in the final few minutes of the album. Occasional math rock tendencies and an effective and more liberal use of post-rock effects adds a distinct flavor to this album, but on the whole this second album of Zombie Picnic is more of a psychedelic progressive rock creation than the less definable post-something approach explored on their debut. A production that merits a check by those who tend to enjoy instrumental progressive rock in general and the psychedelic variety of it in particular.

Progmessor: February 27th, 2018
The Rating Room

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