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19.XII+ Flight 09
19.XII+ Par Lindh Project
5.XII+ Elegant Simplicity
19.XII+ Musea Records
19.XII+ Hi-Note Music
5.XII+ Unicorn Records


Flight 09
(Uzbekistan) / December 19, 2004

Latest news:

The new Flight 09 album "Human Nature" will be issued by Moscow's MALS Records for the distribution in Russia and the other former USSR Republics. The release is planned for February 2005.

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Par Lindh Project
(Sweden) / December 19, 2004

Latest news:

A lot of updates have been done on Par Lindh Project's official website, so it's really worth to visit it once again, going through the entire page.

  • A brand new interview 'from' Argentina has been added.
  • The history page now has the complete PLP history in three parts: from the early '90s up until today.
  • The sound files are now available not only on the main page, but also on the Gothic Impression page. More will come soon.
  • The Review page now contains reviews of PLP concerts and those by Par Lindh as a solo performer as well.
  • The Picture page has been updated.

    On December 4 PLP gave a re-release party in Uppsala for fans and friends with a live performance. This was the first PLP gig with vocals since November 2001.

    On November 18, the legendary "Gothic Impressions" CD was re-released as a new re-edition with new mixing and mastering. Many musical parts have been reworked, with new vocals on two tracks, new drums on one, and lots of new choir being added. The booklet was extended to a 20 pages full colour deluxe booklet with some new artwork.

    The rehearsals for the 2005 Return of PLP tour are in progress, on a weekly basis, as the first invitations for PLP to play festivals are started to come in.

    Dear music lovers! Everyone in PLP wishes you a truly progressive Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    Elegant Simplicity
    (UK) / December 5, 2004

    Latest news:

    Go here and have a listen to a song that was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in the space of three days! The track is called 'Too Many Goodbyes Part IV: A Song for K' and forms part of the main suite of songs for the next Elegant Simplicity album.

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    Musea Records
    (France) / December 19, 2004

    New releases:

  • Cinema (Japan) - "Mindscape"
  • Imago (France) - "Derriere Le Rideau"
  • Philippe Cauvin (France) - "Memento"
  • The Black Noodle Project (France) - "And Life Goes On"
  • Etron Fou Leloublan (France) - "Les Sillons De La Terre"
  • Pascal Comelade (France) - "Back To Schizo"
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    Hi-Note Music
    (UK) / December 19, 2004

    Hi-Note Music, in association with Independent Artists & Stone Premonition, presents a special collection from the British underground scene.

    New releases:

    Census Of Hallucinations - "Nine Lives"
    From the immaculate pedigree stable of Stone Premonitions comes this essential collection of 18 songs. By now most of you are probably familiar with the pure originality that beams from planet Census. Not since the days of Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart have we heard such genius. "Nine Lives" is a classic album designed to conjure up the mysteries of the hidden universe. Taking Space Rock into previously unexplored territory, "Nine Lives" captures a place as one of the very best collectable private editions. Issued only in limited quantity.

    Bronze - "A Common Prayer"
    Bronze came together in January 2001 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The US independent Bus Stop label released Bronze's first two singles and their January 2003 debut album "The Statue in the Stone". The band immediately started work on the follow-up, "A Common Prayer". The thread that links the rest of the album is the very special melancholy that only Bronze can imbue.

    Cheese - "Enlarge Your Johnson"
    Cheese are a Dorset, England based band fronted by Marco Rossi, who is also known for his role as guitarist in the highly respected Scottish outfit called The Kevin McDermott Orchestra. Listening to Marco's songs you can easily hear where he's coming from. The Beatles, Television, Big Star, XTC and Teenage Fanclub are all obvious influences. It's not surprising that someone with such good taste in music would come up with so many strong and intelligent pop originals of his own. The album boasts 12 original songs expertly woven and overlaid with multiple vocal harmonies and lashings of colour and verve.

    The other releases available:

    Cheese - "Let It Brie"
    Census Of Hallucinations - "I"
    Census Of Hallucinations - "Opus II"
    Census Of Hallucinations - "The 3rd Eye"
    Census Of Hallucinations - "The 4th Dimension"
    Census Of Hallucinations - "Seeing Things"
    Census Of Hallucinations - "5"
    Census Of Hallucinations - "Sixth Sense"
    Census Of Hallucinations - "Seventh Heaven"
    Census Of Hallucinations - "The Eighth Dwarf"
    Krom Lek - "A Breath of Fresh Air"
    Krom Lek - "Collective Conscious"
    Krom Lek - "Psychedelic Dot Krom"
    Krom Lek - "Inspirational Floation Compilation"
    Krom Lek - "Rariteality"
    When's The Future - "Now"
    When's The Future - "Then"
    Terry B - "Essential Incense Music"
    Terry B - "Wrap Me In Your Skin"
    The Rabbit's Hat - "Take Good Care"
    The Rabbit's Hat - "Outsiders"
    The Rabbit's Hat - "Pierce the Dark"
    The Rabbit's Hat - "The Sun Broke Through"
    The Rabbit's Hat - "Year of the Rabbit"
    The Rabbit's Hat - "The Magician"
    The Rabbit's Hat - "Lapsit Exillis"
    The Reverend Rabbit - "Thoughts for the Day"
    Body Full Of Stars - "Falling Angels"
    Body Full Of Stars - "Welcome"
    Tim Jones - "666+1"
    Neon - "Neon"
    Lord Litter - "Lord Litter"
    The Moon Orion Project - "The Moon Orion Project"
    Mr. Quimby's Beard - "Definitive Unsolved Mysteries"
    Somebody Famous - "A Chip Off the Old Block"
    Stone Premonition - "Essential, Vol. 1"
    Stone Premonition - "SP Sampler 2002"
    Stone Premonition - "Retrospective 1994-'04"

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    Unicorn Records
    (Canada) / December 5, 2004

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