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Progressive Years:
The Bests Of The Bests By The Eyes Of "ProgressoR"

1974: Top 20 Albums

1.Genesis "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"
2.Yes "Relayer"
3.King Crimson "Starless And Bible Black" & "Red"
4.Kansas "Kansas"
5.Gentle Giant "The Power and the Glory"
6.Gryphon "Red Queen to Gryphon Three"
7.Sweet "Fanny Adams"
8.Gong "You"
9.Manfred Mann's Earthband "Solar Fire" & "The Good Earth"
10.Mahavishnu Orchestra "Apocalypse"
11.Focus "Hamburger Concerto"
12.Return To Forever "Where Have I Known You Before"
13.The Long Hello "Long Hello"
14.Camel "Mirage"
15.Blue Oyster Cult "Secret Treaties"
16.PFM "The World Became The World"
17.Wishbone Ash "There's the Rub"
18.Hammill, Peter "In Camera"
19.Secret Oyster "Sea Son"
20.Eloy "Floating"