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Progressive Years:
The Bests Of The Bests By The Eyes Of "ProgressoR"

1976: Top 20 Albums

1.Kansas "Leftoverture"
2.Black Sabbath "Technical Ecstasy"
3.Van Der Graaf Generator "World Record" & "Still Life"
4.Genesis "A Trick of the Tail"
5.Rush "2112"
6.Nazareth "Close Enough for Rock'n'Roll"
7.Zao "Kawana"
8.Alan Parson's Project "Tales of Mystery and Imagination"
9.Eloy "Dawn"
10.Hawkwind "Astounding Sounds Amazing Music"
11.Argent "Counterpoints"
12.Colosseum "Strange New Flesh"
13.Camel "Moonmadness"
14.Brand X "Unorthodox Behaviour"
15.Etron Fou Leloublan "Batelage"
16.Mahavishnu Orchestra "Inner World"
17.Return To Forever "Romantic Warrior"
18.Queen "A Day at the Races"
19.Sweet "Give Us a Wink"
20.Ange"By the Sons of Mandrin"