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Progressive Years:
The Bests Of The Bests By The Eyes Of "ProgressoR"

1995: Top 20 Albums

1.Garden Wall"The Seduction of Madness"
2.Iced Earth"Burnt Offerings"
3.King Crimson"Thrak"
4.Candlemass"Abstrakt Algebra"
5.Sieges Even"Sophisticated"
6.Cliffhanger"Cold Steel"
8.Saga"Generation 13"
10.Black Sabbath"Forbidden"
11.Kansas"Freaks of Nature"
12.Jethro Tull"Roots to Branches"
14.Savatage"Dead Winter Dead"
15.Skyclad"The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea"
16.Uriah Heep"Sea of Light"
18.Cast"Endless Signs"
19.Marillion"Afraid of Sunlight"
20.French TV"Intestinal Fortitude"

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