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Progressive Years:
The Bests Of The Bests By The Eyes Of "ProgressoR"

2001: Top 20 Albums

1.Isildurs Bane"MIND Vol. 2"
2.Absolute Zero"Crushing Icons"
3.Dreadnaught"The American Standard"
4.Tunnels"Painted Rock"
5.Savatage"Poets & Madmen"
7.Taal"Mister Green"
9.King Crimson"Level Five"
10.Halloween"Le Festin"
11.Rascal Reporters"The Four-Tempered Clavier"
12.Spaced Out"Eponymus II"
13.Wagnon, Marc"An Afterthout"
14.High Wheel"Back from the Void"
15.Ozzy"Down to Earth"
16.Hamadryad"Conservation of Mass"
17.Elegant Simplicity"Palindrome"
18.Thieves' Kitchen"Argot"
19.Ancient Future"Planet Passion"
20.Megadeth"The World Needs a Hero"