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Progressive Years:
The Bests Of The Bests By The Eyes Of "ProgressoR"

2006: Top 20 Albums

1.French TV "This Is What We Do"
2.Kotebel "Omphalos"
3.Cast "Mosaique"
4.Djamra "Kamihitoe"
5.Moving Gelatine Plates "Removing"
6.A Triggering Myth"The Remedy of Abstraction"
7.Deluge Grander"August in the Urals"
8.Canvas Solaris "Penumbra Diffuse"
9.Hackett, Steve"Wild Orchids"
10.Taylor's Universe "Certain Undiscoveries"
11.Areknames "Love Hate Round Trip"
12.MM Circle "Sybille"
13.Spaced Out "Unstable Matter"
14.Adib"Spinning Like a Top"
15.Khatsaturjan"Aramed Forces of Simantipak"
16.Tanger "Ciudad"
18.Tool "10000 Days"
19.Little Tragedies "New Faust"
20.Iron Maiden "A Matter of Life and Death"