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Iluvatar (USA) - 1993 - "Iluvatar" ****

Iluvatar is a typical band for US' "Kinesis" label. Their debut album is a high-quality Neo influenced by early Marillion and mid-late Genesis, but unlike the poor imitators like Grey Lady Down, Galahad, and the others, it's not without a touch of originality. Specifically, the guitarist has his own outstanding characteristics. With compositions of a good sound and nice vocals this is one of the suitable albums for Prog-novices as a stage. This album is appraised, as well as any other, from the standpoint of experienced prog-lover in conformity with the introduction (to be on the safe side, please, read it once again). content

Iluvatar - 1995 - "Children" ****

This album absolutely conformed with descriptions of it's predecessor. But it is feared of stagnation. There are no new works from them up to now. content

Inter Nos (Italy) - 2003 - "Deforme" **+

Inter Nos is the Faggion brothers, Claudio and Paolo, and the 6-track EP "Deforme" is the third unofficial album by this home project from Italy. According to the EP press kit, Claudio plays bass, and Paolo electronic percussion, and, in addition, both of them sing. The album is only 23 minutes in length; the tracks are short, and most of them represent somewhat of an electronically industrial Rock with the touch of Thrash. The first four songs are strikingly monotonous and are almost not unlike from each other. Some liveliness appears only beginning with the fifth composition, Sospesi. This, and also the following and the last song, Miraggio, are more or less decently arranged and feature a few different compositional and rhythmical structures. Claudio's vocals are rather original here and, sometimes, remind me of monastic chants. Nevertheless, "Deforme" will hardly be of interest to any sort of Prog-lovers. content

Inward Path (Ukraine) - 1996 - "Antiar" ****

I think, this is one of the most promising contemporary Rock bands all over the ex-USSR. Inward Path play in a key of Progressive Metal, though sometimes their compositions contain a few elements of "extremality". On the other hand, there are many soft and gentle passages from acoustic guitar and synthesizer, and on the whole, Inward Path a little reminds me Iced Earth (detailed review). Lyrics are in English, though vocalist Melnik has a distinct Russian accent. Incidentally, this, IMO at least, just lent the band Slavonic character. There are seven tracks on "Antiar", most of which are in the 6-8 minute range, giving time for each song to develop musically. Highly recommended to all of those, who love extremely heavy Metal with the powerfully riffing guitars, long virtuostic solos and emotional vocals. But be forewarned: this is Heavy Metal with a lot of progressive tendencies! content

IQ (UK) - 1993 - "Ever" ******

The second one good album since of ten years' standing "Tales..." from another (together with Marillion and Xitizen Cain) true followers of Genesis. "Tales..." was very strong album yet obviously influenced by style-founders. After the long Neo period IQ are back to their progressive roots on "Ever" with vastly improved structures in the direction of originality. And now there are an excellent blend of Neo and Classic Symphonic Progressive. content

IQ - 1997 - "Subterranea" (2CD) ******

Four year since "Ever" far not went for nothing regarding to IQ, who now became a leading Neo-band, because Marillion are dethroned from that "place" by themselves with so poor albums like "This Strange Engine" (it is really strange!), and especially latest "Radiation". So, IQ are back with over 100-minute's conceptual work that showed the next step toward their own stylistical originality. Voted the best album of the year by Classic Art Rock Society, "Subterranea" can be classified as Classic Symphonic Art-Rock indeed, at least for the most part. content

IQ - 2000 - "Subterranea Live" (2CD, 120 min, "GEP") ******

I wrote a review on the "Subterranea" original studio album a long time ago (see above) and I still consider it one of the three best works of IQ. Since the beginning of the last decade and up to now each their new album distinctly demonstrates that the band has found an essential inner stability, thus being able to release production of high quality only. Striking a fine balance between melodic and complex Art Rock structures, IQ have become in the last decade doubtless a leader among the bands performing music which is worthy of appraisal by lovers of accessible Progressive Rock as well as by those heads more into profound Prog. The live version of the "Subterranea" album of 1997 is based on totally the same material, but now with this work IQ members have really proved that their at least scenic proGfessionalism freely reaches the level of the Titans. Since "Subterranea Live" is in my view even better than its original studio version, with each note breathing here, and the music and vocals as a whole bring out a distinct feeling of reality of the events going on through the "Live-in-Subterranea" thematic concept. It leads me to recall another group - Genesis. Their "Three Sides Live" album, consisting mostly of compositions from the band's previous two studio albums "Duke" and "Abacab", beats totally both these albums taken together. Of course, the difference between studio and live versions here is not that big as in case with Genesis, but I personally would rather listen to "Subterranea Live" more often. content

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