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30.IX+ The Progressor site News Section

The Progressor site News Section

As some of you may have noticed, we haven't covered any major news items for a while now. While we do feature some news items this month, this will probably be the last time that our website features any news, apart from possibly some really select items. Not because we are abandoning news, but because we have decided to embrace current technology.

One of the last items discussed with site founder Vitaly before he passed away was setting up a Facebook page. As a traditionalist Vitaly was generally not in favor of social media, but as the years moved on he saw the impact and reach of those systems, and we had planned to go live on Facebook in the late summer of 2017. Due to Vitaly passing away this was postponed, and the current team then had other pressing matters that needed attention.

But we will now establish a Facebook presence. A part of setting up a Facebook page is that the news section will move over to Facebook permanently. We are very much aware that a monthly news update is an anachronism there's marginal interest in these days, and that news items are very much current events rather than items to be saved for later publication. Facebook is the perfect platform for doing this, and we are considering going on to Twitter as well for that very purpose. Not quite yet as far as Twitter goes however, as we need to get our Facebook presence going before adding a further element to a more constant digital presence.

We will cooperate with internet radio station in terms of having a place to hold the news stories in this early phase. This is for practical reasons: That site use Wordpress, which is easy to use for posting news item, and as Olav has been working with that site for a number of years this is an easy cooperation to administer. Later on we wll set up a solution for ourselves, but we will also continue cooperating with the House of Prog website.

We will need people to send us news items however. By preference labels and PR agents, but also self releasing artists and others that are able and willing to send us news that fits within the scope of a progressive rock and progressive metal oriented digital presence should feel free to submit any items of interest to us. When we launch our Facebook page, we will obviously hope that as many as possible send us messages on that platform, but we will also continue check our emails.

Any long time collaborators and friends of our website should check if they have the current email to the progressor website. Obviously all the email addresses that the late Vitaly Menshikov administered are beyond our reach, and while Olav has been the person to get in touch with for the last few years, we know that old email addresses have a tendency to stick in address books. Also: One of Olav's email addresses used mainly for the progressor site was suddenly discontinued back in 2014 or thereabouts, so for that reason as well you may need to check what email address you have stored for against the one stated at our "Contact us" page.

Olav Martin Bjornsen
Dmitriy Menshikov

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