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26.VII+ In memory of Igor Savich (06.29.1960 - 07.24.2021) - R.I.P.

In memory of Igor Savich (06.29.1960 - 07.24.2021) - R.I.P.

On Saturday the 24th of July Igor Savitch passed away, only a week after being admitted to the hospital due to feeling only slightly ill. It is one more tragedy that took place due to the Covid -19 pandemic, and a great loss for the music scene in Uzbekistan.

For 35 years Igor led his band Flight 09 through tours at home and abroad, starting out when Uzbekistan was still a part of the Soviet Union back in 1986. The band's first six albums were released for the home market only, but in that initial phase the band also managed to tour abroad on multiple occasions in Holland and in the US. From 2002 and onward their next seven albums were made available internationally. The band had many plans going forward, and among those plans was the desire to return to the international tour scene.

The loss of Igor is a great loss to his family and friends as well as his band members, but also a loss for the Uzbekistan music scene. A friendly and supporting artist, Igor Savitch was a good friend and even a mentor figure for younger musicians, sharing his experiences and encouraging his fellow musicians to explore the art they had a shared passion for. A veteran and a legend in the Uzbekistan and Tashkent music scene have left us, and we are all the much poorer from that loss.

Igor Richardovich Savitch will be buried on July 27th 2021 at Botkin cemetery.

Thank you for who you were and for everything you did, Igor. Rest In Peace. - Olav Martin Bjornsen (Progmessor), Dmitriy Vitalevich Menshikov (Progcessor)

Flight 09 discography:

10515 (2020)

Drifft (2018)

The Age of Innocence (2018)

Signs of the Water (2014)

Human Nature (2005)

Forbidden Lullabies (2003)

Rifflection (2002)

Turn Off the Light (1999)

Meeting in the Material World (1997)

The Love Story (1995)

Jump in the Fire (1994)

Red and Black (1993)

0990 (1990)

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